PRESS Workshops

We offer a variety of workshops to help you learn the PRESS framework and implement it with success!

Our workshops include support with: 

Classwide Interventions
Learn an efficient process to analyze screening data and plan supplemental tier 1 supports for whole-class implementation. Specifically, we demonstrate a classwide intervention framework for classrooms where over half of students have been identified as below grade level on a universal screening measure.

Tier 2 Interventions & Introduction to Progress Monitoring
Determine targeted, small group interventions using the PRESS data-driven decision making process. Learn how to identify students’ intervention needs using the PRESS diagnostic tools and then select and implement specific, skill-based interventions from the PRESS Intervention Manual. Consider the components of effective interventions & implementation fidelity. An introduction to continuous progress monitoring is provided with an emphasis on decision making using ongoing, reliable data collection. 

Additional options are available including consulting for ongoing support with PRESS implementation. Contact us to request more information.