About Us


The mission of the Minnesota Center for Reading Research (MCRR) is to support a culture of engagement between scholars at the University of Minnesota and Pre-K-12 educators and community partners to connect instruction to literacy research. The goal of this collaborative research, development, and outreach is to ensure that all Pre-K through 12th grade students in diverse educational settings become capable and motivated readers and writers, and that educators and researchers engage together to address the opportunity gaps that impede literacy success for children and youth.

The MCRR aims to conduct, co-develop, and disseminate literacy research with Pre-K-12 educators and community partners. Our commitment to collaborative solutions to current instructional challenges strengthens the capacity of both researchers and educational leaders to achieve this significant aspiration.

Who we are

We are a community of educators, researchers, and literacy specialists at the University of Minnesota who seek to connect educators with best practices backed by evidence-based research to advance literacy across the educational spectrum. We work together to address the opportunity gaps that impede literacy success for children and youth so that all students succeed.

What we do



We disseminate the latest applied research about literacy education for educators, specialists, and school leaders.

Professional Development

We help you apply the latest literacy research to your instructional practices to improve outcomes with your students, your school, and your district. We offer programs from customized district-wide coaching to one-day workshops for educators.


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